Once Praised Now Wrong

Truth Beyond Paradox, the Onyx Path produced Anthology in which my story A Secret Palace will be appearing alongside Seanan McGuire’s We Are the Shadows Cast by the Memory of Giants has been pre-released for the Kickstarter Project backers (and should be out for general consumption any day now). But as it is in the hands of some readers, feedback has already been filtering in. I was more than just a little pleased to see this yesterday morning:


Halfway through Truth Beyond Paradox, read 9 out of the 17 stories. So far it’s a great, very diverse collection, both from writing style to character diversity. Some are clearly better than others (in my subjective opinion) but the “worst” of the bunch so far are at least decent and would still get 3 out of 5 stars from me.

Favorite to this point is A Secret Palace, by far. I really, really, really loved everything about this story. Writing style, characters, mood, it’s just brilliant. It represents exactly what a good Mage story is, in my opinion, and yet it does not use a single Mage copyrighted term. Awesome.

Kudos to Bill Bridges for “The Girl Who Remembered Tomorrow”. He keeps getting better and better with his writing and actually managed to make me enthusiastic about an Etherite story when it’s probably my least favorite Tradition.

Least favorite among the first 9 is probably We Are The Shadows… It’s not a bad story at all, it’s just a bit too “roleplaying-game-licenced-story” for my own subjective tastes. But as I said above, it’s still well written and I’d give it 3 stars out of 5 anyway.

–Paul De Senquisse

I just wanted to share this incredible praise I received for a story that I have a lot of strong feelings about. I am excited for it to go to press!

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