So True When You Lie

I have been talking about it for long it was starting to feel like it would never come. But I suppose that is the nature of shifting realities and my shortsighted ability to perceive them.

Today Truth Beyond Paradox hit the shelves (the proverbial, digital shelves) and can now be purchased. You can buy a physical copy or a PDF and I’m 99% sure you can stick PDFs on your eReaders, but don’t quote me on that.

Here’s where you can purchase the book.

tbpA lot of you may be asking what you can possibly do to assist me as an artist. Sometimes it’s harder to help writers and authors because of how independently their art is created, but now is your chance to shine. The best thing you can do to help me out is to write a review. And I don’t mean just pop onto Goodreads and give it a 5 star (only do that if you actually came away from the book feeling like it was a 5 star). What I’d like you to do is write an actual review with your feelings about the book as a whole. I know it seems like a small thing, but written reviews do a lot more for authors than you think.

Here is the link to the book on Goodreads.

You can review it on DriveThruRPG too.

I don’t believe it’s listed on Amazon, but if that changes, I’ll edit this post to reflect that.

Finally, if you’d like to bring your physical copy to Norwescon this year, I’d be happy to sign it for you.

Now go buy it, and more importantly, read it! I hope you enjoy it.



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J.F. High is an advocate for indigenous rights and an (urban) fantasy author who lives in Washington (state), but is originally from Los Angeles, California. The differences are staggering (particularly in temperature) but the ocean and the I-5 are exactly the same. J.F. is a Chiricahua Apache (Ndeh) and Cora Indian (Náayarite). He may or may not be a believer and/or practitioner of real world magic, but if he were, he is not interested in your hippy-dippy, crystal swinging, dream-catcher slinging garbage. But magic is real, let's not fuck around.

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  1. You can email PDFs directly to your Kindle. I don’t know about other ereaders but you can email a PDF directly to your Amazon account and send it to any Kindle on that account — you just go to your account > manage your devices > and you will be given the email address that you can send to in order to put it on your account.

    You will need to tell your Amazon account to ‘trust’ the email address you are sending it from.

    I use this all the time to send books and notes to Young Sir’s Kindle, & to send working copies of books I’m beta-reading to my own.

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