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I hinted and/or blatantly bragged about my upcoming project with A. Drennan, the Rough Writers Podcast (she turned down my idea to do a slightly off-tone version of the Ruff Ryders Anthem as our theme music), a podcast about writing for budding authors with lots of drinking and nasty swears.

Well, that project has come to fruition and we’ve published episode numero zero which you can find on the Rough Writers webpage and on iTunes.09dfc0c2-0718-4f22-ba47-4b2eeeb19448

In the Rough Writers podcast, Drennan and I are going to be drinking (sometimes a little too much) and whining a lot about what it means to be a writer.  If you love drunk people whining, then this is definitely the podcast for you.  If you care about professional authors speaking professionally and tsking at naughty naughty potty mouth words, then fuck off.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, and if you have any questions you’d like us to answer, or topics you’d like us to address, just let me know!

Published by J.F. High

J.F. High is an advocate for indigenous rights and an (urban) fantasy author who lives in Washington (state), but is originally from Los Angeles, California. The differences are staggering (particularly in temperature) but the ocean and the I-5 are exactly the same. J.F. is a Chiricahua Apache (Ndeh) and Cora Indian (Náayarite). He may or may not be a believer and/or practitioner of real world magic, but if he were, he is not interested in your hippy-dippy, crystal swinging, dream-catcher slinging garbage. But magic is real, let's not fuck around.

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