It’s been a few days since I drove home from Standing Rock and I have sat at the keyboard every single one of them and tried to write something about the last day we were there, the drive home, or even the rally here in my hometown of Bellingham. Although a lot of writing has […]


I’m exhausted. This morning, somewhere around 4am, we arrived at the Sacred Stone Camp on the Standing Rock Reservation. We pulled in and the overnight guard helped us find a place to park and then left us to set up our tent. I walked alongside the river inlets which, without doubt, will be poisoned by […]

Let a Dog Roam!

I hinted and/or blatantly bragged about my upcoming project with A. Drennan, the Rough Writers Podcast (she turned down my idea to do a slightly off-tone version of the Ruff Ryders Anthem as our theme music), a podcast about writing for budding authors with lots of drinking and nasty swears. Well, that project has come […]

So True When You Lie

I have been talking about it for long it was starting to feel like it would never come. But I suppose that is the nature of shifting realities and my shortsighted ability to perceive them. Today Truth Beyond Paradox hit the shelves (the proverbial, digital shelves) and can now be purchased. You can buy a […]

Once Praised Now Wrong

Truth Beyond Paradox, the Onyx Path produced Anthology in which my story A Secret Palace will be appearing alongside Seanan McGuire’s We Are the Shadows Cast by the Memory of Giants has been pre-released for the Kickstarter Project backers (and should be out for general consumption any day now). But as it is in the […]

2016 Name of Company