I’m exhausted. This morning, somewhere around 4am, we arrived at the Sacred Stone Camp on the Standing Rock Reservation. We pulled in and the overnight guard helped us find a place to park and then left us to set up our tent. I walked alongside the river inlets which, without doubt, will be poisoned by […]

I Heard It In The Wind

Today a friend of mine posted a link to the following article from Everyday Feminism by Jarune Uwujaren called Cultural Exchange and Cultural Appropriation: Today is also the 124th Anniversary of the Wounded Knee Massacre, so I thought this might be an excellent subject to discuss from the Indigenous perspective. Go ahead. Take some […]

A Ghost Now

I have not written a single word about Ferguson. Not until today at least. I have been following the situation closely. I have been reading my Twitter and Facebook feeds. I have been gobbling up news articles and YouTube videos. My silence is not about being uninvolved. At least not intentionally. Almost everyone who reads […]

As Time To Him Reveals

As with any other group of individuals who share enough common traits to be recognized as one people, it is is never fair to accept the opinions of one as equal to the opinions of all. When Kanye West accused George W. Bush of not caring about black people, I heard quite a few members […]

2016 Name of Company