As Time To Him Reveals

As with any other group of individuals who share enough common traits to be recognized as one people, it is is never fair to accept the opinions of one as equal to the opinions of all. When Kanye West accused George W. Bush of not caring about black people, I heard quite a few members […]

Believe That We Are Not Meaningless

I have never held any shame in explaining that the primary reason behind my current (and at this point lifelong) infatuation with geekery; role-playing games, board games, card games, fandom, etc is because of my brother. My brother had seduced me into running a campaign set in the world of Middle Earth after he bought […]

The 2nd Law: Unbelievable

The first time I ever heard Muse I was exhilarated. I have often said that the amount of utter garbage that is shoved down our throats (or in our ears) by the record industry increases incrementally every year. When I hear something different, something that immediately catches my ear and I stop what I am […]

Yod He Vau He Om!

My ears are ringing, my eyes are stinging and I may never sleep again. The Smashing Pumpkins released their eighth album (ninth if, like me, you like to include Pisces Iscariot) on June 19th, 2012, and they kicked off the United States portion of their Oceania tour at the Comcast Arena in Everett, WA (just […]

Let’s Restart It!

I have been making general noises about starting a blog for a long time. In fact, I have had one or two false starts so far as well. I think that the difficulty I continue to encounter when I am attempting to get the juice flowing is subject matter. I think that the most successful […]

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